Where do you deliver?


We only deliver to Christchurch area shown on the map above

(around a 4-5km radius of the cafe)

This is to keep delivery costs low & to get your order to you as quickly as possible.



What is the minimum order amount?

For pick-up there is no minimum amount.

For delivery the minimum is $50

Is there a delivery fee?

There is FREE Delivery until Saturday 9 May

After that date,  there is a flat fee of $15 per order.

How long will it take before my order is available to pick-up or be delivered?

When you place your order we will get back to you via email with a pick-up or delivery date.

We're aiming to fulfil orders received by 2pm, the NEXT DAY with the following times

Pick-Up 10am - 2pm*

Delivery 2pm - 6pm*

We only deliver Tuesday to Saturday

* We have a limited capacity for Pick-Up orders & a limited number of Delivery slots.  

We'll do our best to complete your order as soon as possible & we'll always keep in touch with the progress your order.

Orders using the 'Click & Collect' Coffee Voucher will be processed same day

When will I get my order?

                    Order day (Before 2pm)                   Pick-up/Delivery Day (from 10am)

                                       Monday                                                                  Tuesday

                                       Tuesday                                                                Wednesday

                                     Wednesday                                                              Thursday

                                       Thursday                                                                    Friday

                                         Friday                                                                      Saturday

                                        Saturday                                                     Monday (the following week - Pick-up)

                                                                                                            Tuesday (the following week - Delivery)

                                         Sunday                                                       Monday (the following week - Pick-Up)

                                                                                                            Tuesday (the following week - Delivery)

How do you deliver my order?

We deliver using our own zero emission electric van with our own staff.

Deliveries are contactless.

We leave your order on your doorstep or a safe cool place you have specified

We'll txt, phone or email you when it's been delivered

What if I am not home when you deliver?

We'll do our best to arrange a time with you so that someone is at home.

If you can't be at home when we deliver, just specify a safe, cool & covered place for us to leave your delivery.

When do you deliver?

Deliveries are Tuesday to Saturday 2pm - 6pm

I live outside Christchurch. Can I have my order delivered to a Christchurch address?

Yes, as long as that address is within the delivery area. Just specify at the Checkout that the delivery address is seperate to your billing address.

Can I order products that are not on Pick up & Delivery menu?

Unfortunately not. The menu has specially be designed for pick up or delivery, so the products supplied reach you in a satisfactory condition. 

We'd love to deliver you a piping hot Flat White & an Ultimate Breakfast, but we can't guarantee these would arrive in the condition that we'd be proud of.

Why don't you deliver hot food or coffee?

We're proud of our food & coffee. It should be enjoyed as fresh & as hot as possible.

With delivery, we can't guarantee this, so we don't offer it.

Can I have my food heated when I come & pick it up?

Unfortunately not. The only 'hot' item you can have is a coffee (or other hot drink).

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are operating with less staff & are having to employ much simpler work flows. As a result, we can't offer a heat & go option at this time.

How does the 'Click & Collect' Coffee Voucher work?

This is our solution to getting your coffee fix whilst adhering to Level 3 guidelines.

Orders using the 'Click & Collect' Coffee Voucher should be able be processed same day, but this will depend upon demand 

Under Level 3 we are not permitted to be open for takeaway sales or have face-to-face interaction with our customers.

This Click & Collect Coffee Voucher allows you to purchase a $25 'Voucher in a 'contactless' way.

We'll then load this amount against your name in our Loyalty system

Not a Loyalty Member, click on the button below to sign up

When you arrive at the cafe, phone us, we'll make your coffee & the purchase price will be deducted from your voucher amount.

You also have the option of picking up an afghan or chocolate brownie when you pick up your coffee. The cost of this can be deducted from the credit balance of your 'click & collect' coffee voucher.

We'll 'hand over' your hot drink using the same contactless principles as a Pick-Up order.

Your coffee (or other hot drink) will be made under strict hygiene conditions as required under COVID-19

Any credit balances from the 'Click & Collect Coffee Voucher' will remain against your name in our Loyalty system.

Are you accepting Reusable Coffee Cups?

No, unfortunately not.

We're a strong supporter of the concept, but we need to balance the potential health risk of transmission of COVID-19 at this time.