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'Le Procope' was the very first French cafe opening in 1686 at 13 Rue de L'ancienne Comedie, Paris & named after the owner, Francesco Procopio de Coltelli.

The cafe was situated at the renowned Comedy Francasie, the national theatre of France. Le Procope soon became the theatre's cafe with the artists & comedians moving across the road between shows.

During the turmoil of the French Revolution, Danton, Marat & Robespierre came for conspiratual coffees, and it was where Benjamin Franklin fine tuned the American Constitution.



Hummingbird Coffee was founded and began roasting at 165 Victoria St  in 1990, before moving to their current site in Addington.

For nearly 30 years, the site has been home to a cafe, with the name changing to Procope in 2005.


The 2011 Canterbury earthquakes forced a temporary move down the street where we shared a premises with Cruz nightclub. It was in this year we won a Champion Canterbury Award for Innovation for our site sharing initiative & post quake recovery.


A new chapter in the Procope story commenced in April 2013 when we opened our new cafe in Fendalton. It was great to have somewhere to call home, whilst we awaited the fate of our Victoria St building.

We returned to our original Victoria St site in August 2014, after extensive repairs and renovation to the building.  It was good to be finally back.  

We sold our Fendalton cafe in December 2016 in order to concentrate on our Victoria St site. 

We really appreciated the loyalty of our customers who stuck by & supported us over a challenging few years. 

We wouldn't be here without you! 




From your first early morning caffeine hit to final call for drinks, as well as everything retail + pampering that can be squeezed in between, we welcome you to discover what makes Victoria St (and surrounds) one of Christchurch’s most unique and vibrant destinations, whether you are a local or a welcome visitor to our beautiful city.

Procope is situated at the northern end of Victoria St.

We're only 15 minutes from Christchurch Airport, have free on-site parking, free WiFi and a private meeting room is available.


What we do takes a great team

These are our people...


Misha - Owner & Director


Tina - Cafe Assistant

Linda - Cafe Assistant (part-time)


Justin - Chef



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